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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wedding Tea Dress from Taobao
Suits: Groom's own
Hair + Makeup: Roselyn

Counting down 4 weeks to #FideLeonWedding, to be honest i'm freaking out a little here because i keep fretting about what i have not done at this point of time. I keep having the feeling that I'm missing out something. 

The other day i had a scary dream that Leon and I arrived at the hotel at 7pm, and we missed our wedding ceremony at the rooftop poolside which was at 6.30pm, I was freaking out because somehow i was doing my makeup without a mirror and turned out i look like crap when i finally saw myself in the mirror and I was like where the F is my makeup artist!!! I'm late to my own wedding and my hair and makeup IS. NOT. DONE!!!

Hahahah bridezilla in my dreams, other than that creepy dream, in real life i feel that i'm quite a chill bride, just.. freaking.. out.. inside...!!! 


Our 3 week long honeymoon planning still in progress, 
so far we're finally settled on which cities to visit, here's the rough plan: 

The day after our wedding, flying off at midnight, transit in paris and landing in London (yay winter wonderland, christmas markets and skating rinks in Hyde Park FTW), spend a week in london in which 3 days we will be on a self-driven roadtrip to the Cotswolds and of course to the Bichester Shopping Village for some awesome shopping, then back to central london to meet up with some of our friends before taking the Eurostar down to Paris then train to Zurich where we will be staying for a couple days to visit the Swiss Alps and maaaaaaybe if the weather allows, I want to go hanggliding!

 After Zurich we will train down to Milan to change train to Venice and again a couple days there to enjoy the beautiful city and we will be taking an overnight sleeper train (so excited!) back to Paris which is the last leg of our trip (Disneyland Paris! I don't care if it's "small" because i've never been to any disneyland, so no comparison for me!)

We're airbnb-ing almost throughout the entire trip except for B&Bs in The Cotwolds and a hotel stay in Venice, we're a pretty casual couple so fingers crossed and hope for an amazing experience all the way!

Ahhhh what I'll do for love. 
For the 2nd set of shots from our pre-wedding shoot with AlvinAdeline & Co, we wanted something more fun and cheeky that really represents how we really are, IRL!
And because Leon is a huge ass fan of dino and honestly, he has pretty much dragged me to every dino show in sg or overseas despite me not wanting to go see another exhibition full of bones, i'll get kidnapped and dragged there lol 

So I happened to chance upon these inflatable t-rex from amazon haha and we were thinking of dressing it up in human clothes and bow tie, vest or whatever (we thought it was much bigger when we ordered it actually) and in the end we bought a t-rex and a bran...whatever..saurus lol. 

And Tadaaaaaaah, May I present this series of shots which will never be possible without the amazing help of  Jeremy and his team from AlvinAdeline & Co.

Wedding Tea Dress from Taobao
Suits: Groom's own
Hair + Makeup: Roselyn

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♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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